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High Performance Anti-Spam


Gateway level spam protection for threat management

Threats over email like spam, phishing, viruses, worms, are released in the billions within a short span of time. Today’s attackers launch threats for financial gain rather than out of malicious intent. They mask the originator and launch the attack using a network of zombie machines. With Zombie botnets carrying the ability to send up to 1 billion spam messages within a few hours, the spread of the attack is rapid.
Gateway level spam protection for Zero-hour spam detection
  To effectively match the speed with which attacks spread, zero-hour responsiveness is required to deliver enterprise security. Zero-hour protection swings into action, generating defenses in the first hour of an attack. Further, the content and characteristics of the message within a single attack differ, making it difficult to identify the threat through traditional methods. Solutions that rely on signature databases are likely to leave the enterprise defenses lowered during the critical first hours of attack.
Cyberoam in Partnership with CommTouch RPD (Recurrent Pattern Detection)
  Cyberoam delivers zero-hour spam protection in addition to image spam defense though Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology. This unique content-agnostic technology detects and blocks image spam which accounts for almost 35 % of worldwide spam mail and 70% of bandwidth taken by spam.
  Cyberoam’s anti-spam protection delivers maximum spam detection with low false positives through relevant, continuous and real-time spam detection. The solution reduces spyware, phishing and adware attempts, controls spam involving pornography while enhancing enterprise productivity by preventing mail systems from being submerged by spam.
Advanced Multi-tier Spam Filtration
  Cyberoam spam filtering takes into account the latest spamming techniques and provides effective spam protection. It scans IMAP, SMTP and POP3 traffic for spam.


Multi-tier monitoring techniques are implemented to check the body of the message and attachment for words and phrases typical of spam in addition to sender, recipient addresses, sender's IP, size and format. Anti-Spam also analyses graphics and detects atypical spammer tricks like HTML tags, invisible text and more. In addition, RPD technology offers multi-language and multi-format spam detection. Spam mails are filtered on message header, size, sender and recipient, which offer comprehensive protection against spam.
High Flexibility
  Cyberoam anti-spam automatically detects, tags and quarantines spam, making it easier for the IT administrators to manage the network. It also allows the IT administrator to tag the subject line with key phrases such as spam, bulk, etc. This helps the recipient of the mail to identify and deal with spam quickly and effectively.
  Based on configuration, Anti-Spam offers flexible options to deliver spam to the original address, delete or redirect to a pre- defined address. It allows the creation of lenient and strict policies based on user needs.
High Scalability
  Designed to process and analyze large messaging volumes at high throughput rates to meet the needs of global enterprises, the anti-spam solution offers high scalability.
Seamless Integration
  Cyberoam offers leading third-party anti-spam solution through advanced technology that eliminates the need for integration with existing mail servers. Integrated with the Cyberoam threat management suite, anti-spam offers ease-of-use and management. Enterprises enjoy the benefits of lower total cost of ownership and a coordinated threat management solution in comparison to single solutions.
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management