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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance
Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management


Cyberoam offers policy-based bandwidth management based on business priorities.

Cyberoam’s user-based bandwidth management prevents bandwidth abuse and resultant pipeline choking through bandwidth scheduling and providing committed, burstable bandwidth, protecting enterprises from Internet productivity threats.
Cyberoam allows enterprises to take control of non-business related Internet activity which often affects critical business-related usage through its unified threat management. Business policies are created and linked to network management and usage reality, ensuring success of the policy.
Through Cyberoam, enterprises gain higher user and enterprise productivity through optimum use of infrastructure and smooth process of mission-critical applications.
Supporting Mission Critical Applications
  Cyberoam enables enterprises to maximize performance of business-critical applications by allocating bandwidth based on time and mission criticality.

Enterprises can assign committed bandwidth to bandwidth-sensitive applications like VoIP, ensuring that they do not suffer at the hands of delay insensitive applications like mail and non-business surfing.

Committed and Burstable Bandwidth

Administrators can create policies for committed and burstable bandwidth and establish priorities based on users, groups and applications with precise bandwidth allocation based on usage and time of the day. This prevents non-critical applications from degrading network performance. Unutilized bandwidth is automatically allocated to user groups. Policies are finetuned for continually improved network performance despite changing requirements and usage.

Time-based Bandwidth Allocation
  Cyberoam is unique in allowing administrators to schedule and regulate bandwidth on time basis to different users and host groups, lowering the peaks in usage across the day. This limits the need for bandwidth purchase based on excessively high peaks.
Traffic Discovery
  Cyberoam’s Traffic Discovery feature offers network monitoring with information on bandwidth being consumed by users, groups and applications. On this basis, administrators can determine protocols affecting network performance and take corrective action immediately, ensuring continual smooth functioning of critical applications and uses.
Advanced Intelligence
  Cyberoam introduces advanced intelligence to counter bandwidth abuse and choking, creating agile networks in the process. Its advanced Layer-7 bandwidth management enhances application and network performance, raising user productivity.
Content Filtering

Cyberoam’s content filtering module complements bandwidth management by blocking access to bandwidth guzzlers like audio-video downloads, gaming, tickers, ads and more.

Capacity Planning and Resource Management
  Bandwidth usage reports by application, user and groups allow enterprises to plan capacity enhancements and managing resources optimally.
High Degree of Customization

A high degree of customization is at enterprise hands to define its own groups, subgroups and departments for policy setting. Temporary and relatively permanent changes can be made and retracted easily over the easy to use GUI.

Easy to Manage
  Cyberoam reduces operational costs with effective bandwidth management that is operable through a simple, easy-to-use GUI which makes creating, editing policies and audit trails based on the enterprise’s specific requirements a simple task.
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management