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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance
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Leapfrog onto a core technology and marketing career and gain the experience of working for the Number One Transnational Software Solutions provider in all the domain areas of Distributed Technology, Networking Solutions, Internet / Intranet, Client / Server, Directory Services etc.
A passionate mindset, which believes that the processes and people are always on a continuous improvement path, Elitecore's ultimate goal is to provide best value to our customers and to consistently exceed their expectations.
The key to Elitecore's success is its people and clients. 'Our People Make The Difference'. At Elitecore, entrepreneurs thrive. Freedom inspires ideas and the environment nurtures excellence. The knowledge of one becomes the knowledge of all through a common practice of sharing.
Our team is our core asset. With the choicest talent on our payrolls, and cutting edge software solutions to show for it the team is thoroughly enjoying the spoils. You could also be a part of this wonderful team, share the spotlight and the riches.
The team consists of the following choicest talents in senior software engineers, quality assurance analysts, web engineers, web graphics designers, visualizers, network engineers, technical writers, human resources and developers, account administrators, marketing professionals etc.
The focus at Elitecore is to aggressively and constantly raise the levels of competency and capabilities of its people by providing the necessary learning inputs and a good environment for both professional and personal growth.
Do you think you are aggressive and passionate enough to be a part of our team?
E-mail your Particulars, Pedagogical's and Interests at
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management