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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance
Cyberoam Central Console

Cyberoam Central Console


CCC 15, CCC 50, CCC 100, CCC 200

Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) with its centralized management and control offers coordinated defense against zero-hour and blended threats across distributed networks. It enables enterprise-wide implementation of corporate Internet policy, ensuring high productivity and security. Being an appliance based solution, CCC lowers the deployment cost while offering complete control over distributed networks.

CCC supports Cyberoam CR50i, CR100i, CR250i, CR500i, CR1000i and CR1500i.


Centralized Threat Management and Control

  Cyberoam Central Console enables enforcement of global policies for Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Anti-virus scanning. This supports the creation and implementation of enterprise-wide security policy to strengthen branch and remote office security while lowering operational complexity.
  The Cyberoam Central Console enables administrators to assign security policies based on user’s work profile even in remote locations. This fully leverages Cyberoam's unique user identity-based security approach.
Key Benefits
  Real-time visibility of threat summary and trends
  Instant enforcement of security policies in response to zero hour threats
  Reduced operational complexity and deployment time
  Ease of use with view of multiple devices and network status at a glance
Cyberoam Central Console for MSSPs and Large Enterprises

With the increasing complex networks which are spread over multiple geographical locations, the security infrastructure of large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) demands complete visibility into remote network activities. The enterprises struggle to implement, monitor and control a single enterprise-wide security policy, raising security, productivity and legal issues so as to identify and take rapid enterprise-wide action and enforce distributed security.

  Cyberoam Central Console imparts MSSPs the ability to implement a broad security policy across multiple clients which simplifies operations while maintaining high security levels across client networks.
  For the large enterprises having multiple devices at distributed branches, Cyberoam Central Console enables the administrators to push work-profile based security policies to remote locations thus allowing implementation of enterprise wide standard security policy. Cyberoam's centralized Web GUI enables remote management of all distributed Cyberoam security devices including policy management, compliance enforcement, monitoring and control. Cyberoam's easy-to-deploy and configure central console manages the task of configuring remote groups, devices, users and roles in easy steps.
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