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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Content Filtering

Content Filtering


Cyberoam's web content filtering solution offers comprehensive surfing security

Indiscriminate Internet surfing is a major cause of entry for viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, phishing, pharming and more. Cyberoam offers intelligent surfing protection through its user identity-based web content filtering solution, guarding enterprises from security, productivity threats and legal liability.
The web content filtering solution offered by Cyberoam is based on a combination of categories, keywords, URLs, domain names and file types, making it a comprehensive filtering mechanism.
Database Filtering
  Cyberoam delivers a comprehensive site database of over 60 categories, consisting of millions of sites through WebCat, its automated web categorization engine. With daily site updation, offering up-to-date protection, Cyberoam ensures not just enhanced user productivity, but also curtails the threat of network exposure to external threats and legal liability while saving valuable bandwidth.
  In addition, enterprises can define custom categories, preventing employees from accessing non-work related sites that are specific to the enterprise. Customized messages can be created, informing users of the reason for blocking the site.
HTTP Upload Block
  To counter the threat of information theft and data leakage, Cyberoam's web content filtering presents advanced HTTP Upload Block which guards against upload of confidential files or sensitive information on the Internet.
User Identity-based Policies
  Cyberoam’s user identity-based filtering provides the granular controls required to control access by individual users and groups to applications, sites, information upload, as well as entry of virus, worm, spyware and other attacks on the network.
  By allowing enterprises to set distinct surfing policies with differing access rights based on individual names rather than IP addresses, Cyberoam enables the creation of surfing policies based on the user’s work profile. Policies can be created based on the user’s department, group, hierarchy or individual requirements, providing great dynamism and flexibility in policy creation and management. Rapid user-IP mapping with instant user identity recognition reduces time lag and processor load.
  Enterprises can use default policies and categories, or create their own surfing policies, lending great dynamism and individualization in policy creation.

Time-based Policies

  Through Cyberoam’s unique time-based access policies, enterprises can enforce scheduled, time-based Internet access, allowing access to different site categories at pre-specified periods during the day.

Application Discovery and Control

  Apart from HTTP traffic filtering, Cyberoam provides IM – instant messaging – controls on AOL, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Google Talk. Cyberoam filters P2P traffic, reducing incidence of high bandwidth downloads and spyware. Over 60 applications are identified based on application signatures like FTP, P2P, DNS, SNMP, audio-video and more.
Intelligent Reporting
  With a range of analytical reports, Cyberoam offers administrators a holistic view of network traffic, enabling them to create the exact Internet surfing policies the enterprise requires. It even delivers real-time, user identity-based reporting of applications accessed over the Internet. Cyberoam’s intelligent reporting is the critical tool that enables enterprises to take the strategic threat management route to enterprise security.
Traffic Discovery
  With Cyberoam, administrators gain a view of current traffic and attack patterns, enabling them to take prompt action, reducing attack impact. Cyberoam’s Layer – 7 traffic discovery and control ensures the highest level of application monitoring and control.
  Check the spyware protection offered by Cyberoam's Spyware Blocker.
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