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Cyberoam : Gateway Security Appliance
CRi Series - SOHO & ROBO

Network Security Appliance for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) & Remote Office-Branch Office Users (ROBO)


Cyberoam CR25i Series

Cyberoam CR25i is a powerful all-in-one identity-based network security solution, delivering continuous protection from all the latest threats to Small office-Home office (SOHO) and Remote Office-Branch Office (ROBO) users.
The appliance comes with a complete set of robust security features including Firewall, VPN, gateway Anti-virus, gateway Anti-Spam, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management and Multi Link Manager over a single appliance.
Small/Home offices having limited financial capital and human resources can administer the ultimate in security without compromising on performance, cost or manageability. Cyberoam CR25i can be configured and managed with ease, eliminating the need for technical manpower for control and maintenance. The appliance is also available at an extremely affordable price lowering capital and operating expenses for small enterprises.
SOHOs and ROBOs are not geared towards defending themselves against malware, virus, spyware, phishing, and pharming attacks, as they do not have the right IT infrastructure or IT human resources to protect themselves from such evolving threats.
In addition to offering comprehensive security against these threats, CR25i helps monitor and control ROBO users working in remote offices across the globe through Cyberoam’s Web-GUI. A single administrator at the head office can monitor and regulate the Internet activity of individual ROBO users and protect the organization from possible threats through virus/spam updates, custom IDP signatures and web categories. It enables enterprises to enforce the same level of security in remote offices that corporate offices with high security infrastructure and technical resources function with.
Cyberoam uses the next-generation identity-based technology, unmasking IP addresses and giving a new meaning to network security. It identifies users even in DHCP and Wi-Fi environments making it the most secure and complete Internet security product for SOHO/ROBO users.
CR25i also provides hardware failure protection against power supply, hard disk or processor to maximize network uptime and ensure uninterrupted access through active-passive failover. SOHO – ROBO users are effectively protected against internal and external threats, data loss and theft as well as unhealthy surfing and related issues of legal liability. With Cyberoam controlling bandwidth choking and access to unproductive sites, enterprises enjoy enhanced productivity, business continuity and control over excessive use of bandwidth.
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