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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Advanced Cyberoam IDP


Cyberoam with its Real Threat Value Reckoner provides advanced Intrusion Detection and Protection, cutting down false positives drastically

Cyberoam with its Real Threat Value Reckoner provides advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention, cutting down false positives drastically. Cyberoam IDP protects against threats by blocking Internet attacks before they impact the network. It blocks intrusion attempts, DoS attacks, malicious code transmission, backdoor activity, blended threats without degrading network performance.
Comprehensive Protection
  With increasing attack sophistication, intruder knowledge and use of automated tools, anywhere between 40 to 70 % organizations implement an IDP system currently to deal with real-time threats.
  Cyberoam IDP offers blended protection through stateful detection and prevention techniques, resists false positives and evasion techniques with accuracy. It offers application and network-layer protection.
  With one of the largest signature databases, Cyberoam instantly detects potentially malicious traffic based on policy settings, bringing intelligence into the IDP mechanism.
Low False Positives
  Current IDP systems suffer from excessive false positives, generating unmanageable number of alerts that make it practically impossible for administrators to deal with the deluge of alerts which place enormous load on the network.
User-based Identification and Protection
  Cyberoam’s user identity-based policies deliver granular protection in addition to identifying attackers within the network and alerting administrators, enabling real-time corrective action. Visibility into applications by user, with period and extent of usage, enables easy zoning in on rogue users and systems.
  Cyberoam is unique in its ability to allow administrators to set IDP policies for individual users rather than blanket policies, ensuring higher levels of security
  Enterprises have, of late, been recognizing internal threats as cause for serious concern and the need for source identification by username to enable proactive action. Internal threats can lead to loss of confidential information or may consist of harmful activity involving threat propagation.
  Cyberoam’s user-identity based protection allows it to report intrusions based on username for both incoming and outgoing traffic, going well beyond current solutions that report IP addresses. This ensures high levels of security even in Wi-Fi and DHCP environments with dynamic IP allocation. Where static scenarios are concerned, this reduces reaction time drastically as the administrator does not have to trace the user from the IP address, which can be a highly time-consuming task.
Custom IDP Signatures
  Cyberoam, allows administrators to set the real threat value of traffic, thereby choosing different settings according to the threat potential based on the signature, source and destination. With current solutions, administrators are forced to set a general IDP policy irrespective of these elements, creating needless noise and more importantly, blocking false positives. Ultimately, genuine traffic is blocked and administrators end up relaxing controls, leading to compromised security.
  Cyberoam IDP supports custom signatures, allowing enterprises to create their own signatures, delivering instant protection against emerging threats and high levels of granularity. Also, the IDP signature database includes HTTP proxy signatures that prevent masking of user surfing through an anonymous open proxy.
  By identifying the user, Cyberoam offers in-depth reports based on user-threat pattern of both current and past traffic, allowing administrators to take proactive action to contain future threats.
  In combination with Cyberoam’s firewall, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering, the IDP delivers complete protection.
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management