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Multi-Link Manager

Multi-Link Manager


Multiple Link Load Balancing and Gateway Failover

Cyberoam Multi-Link Manager efficiently manages traffic over multiple WAN links, delivering business-grade WAN connectivity. It optimizes the links, ensuring high-speed traffic flow while maximizing ROI, turning small lines into reliable higher bandwidth offerings.
As the Internet turns into the cornerstone for businesses worldwide, redundancy in ISP links has become critical to business continuity and greater profitability. Single links leave business-critical applications vulnerable to link failures, resulting in severe business losses.
Multi-Link Manager maximizes reliable enterprise connectivity by managing Internet traffic over multiple ISP links.
Load Balancing
  Multi-Link Manager performs weighted round robin based load balancing to optimize WAN links and ensure continued availability of bandwidth to mission critical applications and schedules, ensuring high levels of application availability.
Higher ROI
  Multi-Link Manager removes the strain on clogged routes and eases traffic, routing traffic along the less-traveled paths. Load Balancing optimizes link usage and minimizes bandwidth purchases, making it a highly cost-efficient and performance enhancing mechanism.
  It enables administrators to seamlessly aggregate multiple small lines to deliver continuous connectivity instead of taking expensive standby lines that remained largely unused, maximizing corporate ROI.
Gateway Failover
  Cyberoam Multi-Link Manager seamlessly monitors availability of multiple WAN links, senses failed gateways and redirects traffic to working WAN links, providing continuous connectivity to mission-critical applications and users. Continuous monitoring ensures instantaneous failover, ensuring continuity in dynamic business activity.
Network Security
  Cyberoam security extends to inbound and outbound traffic over multiple links, including protection against DoS, SYN flood and other attacks. NAT and DNS too are available for all the enterprise traffic.
  Cyberoam offers current and historical reporting that enables administrators to evaluate link and ISP capacity and performance. The visibility into bandwidth capacity and availability enables administrators to take informed decisions related to bandwidth planning and purchase. Further, they can evaluate and troubleshoot performance issues with the ISP.
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