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Pharming Prevention

Pharming Prevention


Cyberoam prevents sophisticated pharming attacks

Pharming is a highly sophisticated extension of phishing, directing users fraudulently to fake financial and banking sites that mirror the original sites. Users are then misled into revealing their identity, username, password and other personal details.

Pharming is a blended attack form, involving spyware, DNS poisoning, URL spoofing or domain hijacking and Trojans. It alters the DNS addresses, directing users to fake mirror sites that are specifically created to collect confidential data that is later used to perpetrate financial fraud. DNS poisoning is carried out either on the DNS servers over the Internet or in the host file of the user’s PC. Emailed viruses like the Banker Trojan can be used to rewrite local host files.

Cyberoam Pharming Prevention
Cyberoam offers highly effective, blended protection from pharming attacks.
Spyware Blocker
  Cyberoam takes a blended approach to preventing spyware – which can be a precursor to pharming attacks - from entering the network through Spyware Blocker that prevents inbound and outbound traffic to sites like P2P and other known spyware carriers. WebCat, Cyberoam site database, has a constantly updated spyware category with comprehensive listing of such sites, ensuring reliable access prevention. The category is updated through a series of measures that ensure comprehensive listing.
Prevents Spam Entry
  Cyberoam’s pre-integrated Anti-Spam analyses mail content and marks spam with policy-based action of quarantine, tag and deletion options. This prevents virus and Trojan carrying mail from entering the network. In addition, Cyberoam blocks or limits access to hotmail, yahoo and other webmails, delivering further protection.
Prevents Virus Entry
  Cyberoam’s state-of-the art Anti-Virus solution prevents entry of email viruses and Trojans in addition to web viruses that are used to corrupt the host file in the user’s PC.
Prevents DNS Poisoning
  Cyberoam offers pharming protection, by directing users to the original site despite a corrupt host file or DNS poisoning, through effective HTTP proxy. Cyberoam DNS Interceptor acts as a transparent DNS server, overriding the request to go to the fake site and directs the user to the original site with the help of its own DNS cache.
  In case of fresh requests where the domain name match is not available over the Cyberoam DNS cache, a request is sent to the original DNS servers, thereby ignoring the fake domain name matching.
No-Cost Protection
Through its blended approach, using its existing features like Spyware Blocker, Anti-Spam and Anti-virus solutions, Cyberoam delivers dependable protection against pharming attacks with no extra cost involved for this security.
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