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Phishing Prevention

Phishing Prevention


Cyberoam's blended approach offers effective protection against phishing attacks.

Phishing is an enhanced attack form, taking a blended path in its attempt to steal data related to personal identity and users’ financial credentials. Using a combination of social engineering and technical subterfuge involving spam and crimeware, they defraud users, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

Spoofed emails are part of the social engineering tactics that lead users to counterfeit websites, tricking them into divulging financial data like credit card numbers, account usernames, passwords and social security numbers. Brand names of banks, e-tailers and credit card companies are hijacked, convincing users to respond to the request. Yet another way is to install crimeware onto PCs to steal credentials directly, using Trojans and keylogging spyware

Phishing - An Enterprise Threat
Phishing has rapidly moved into the enterprise threat domain with phishing mails installing spyware into the user’s computer when the phishing links which come in the form of spam mails are clicked on. The originator now has access into the enterprise network, putting enterprise information confidentiality and the network itself at risk.
Cyberoam Phishing Prevention
Cyberoam, with its unified threat management capabilities, takes a blended approach to tackling phishing threats to enterprises.
Blocks Site Access
  Cyberoam’s content filtering and firewall prevent inbound and outbound traffic to sites like P2P and others that are spyware carriers, which can be a precursor to phishing attacks. WebCat - Cyberoam site database - has a constantly updated Phishing and Fraud category with comprehensive listing of such sites, ensuring reliable access prevention. The category is updated through a series of measures that ensure comprehensive listing.
Prevents Spam Entry
  Cyberoam’s pre-integrated Anti-Spam analyses mail content and marks or deletes phishing mails as phishing spam with policy-based action of quarantine, tag and deletion options. This stops most of the phishing mail from reaching enterprise users.
No-Cost Phishing Prevention
Through its blended approach, using its existing features like content filtering, firewall and anti-spam solutions, Cyberoam delivers dependable protection against phishing attacks with no extra cost involved for this security.
With regard to spyware and phishing attacks that make an entry through means other than the Internet, enterprises must educate their employees of phishing threats, preventing them from unsuspectingly creating a backdoor entry into the network.
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