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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance
Intelligent Reports

Intelligent Reporting


Current traffic and analytical reports enable real-time, continually enhanced protection

Cyberoam’s intelligent reporting offers comprehensive information related to current and past traffic movement as well as threat incidence, placing a comprehensive intelligence gathering and reporting mechanism in the hands of IT administrators.
Although most security mechanisms generate enormous amounts of data, they are in the form of raw logs, making them ineffective tools when it comes to timely and efficient interpretation.
Cyberoam’s concise and ready-to-interpret reports gather and correlate data to deliver customized reports to administrators, enabling them to build enhanced protection continually. Administrators can provide real-time, robust protection against evolving threats through –
Instant preventive action and
Policy fine-tuning based on real usage information.
Traffic Discovery
  Cyberoam’s Traffic Discovery offers information on current traffic movement, alerting administrators to non-business usage and threat incidence as they happen. Administrators can take instant action, isolating threat generating systems, controlling access to users who are choking bandwidth with indiscriminate surfing and allocating committed bandwidth to critical applications and users.
Analytical Reporting
  Cyberoam offers a range of analytical reports, offering a broad overview as well as drill down information related to past usage and threat incidence. These reports enable administrators to identify emerging applications, pattern changes in usage and fine tune enterprise policies accordingly, supporting the creation of advanced levels of security and productivity.
Third Party Devices

Cyberoam retrieves correlates and offers the complete detail related to anti-virus and anti-spam plug-ins with detailed virus and spam information. It retrieves raw logs produced by the solutions, analyses and delivers information related to viruses, worms, point of origin, spam and its content right down to the user level.

Easy to Understand
  The reports are delivered in user-friendly CSV, graphical and tabular formats that offer insights into user behavior and attacks on the network. This ready-to-interpret information automates the cumbersome task of correlating data and presenting it in an easy-to-use format, saving time and enabling administrators to take rapid action in case of network compromise.
Range of Reports
  Cyberoam offers a range of reports beginning with a broad overview which then drills down to the user level.
  The Cyberoam dashboard offers a brief synopsis of the enterprise’s current surfing trends, bandwidth and system utilization, productive working hours and more, displaying Internet usage at a glance. The dashboard is the critical first level information that brings administrators’ attention to deviations in usage.
  Custom Reports
  A range of customized reports from broad overviews and key data to drill down reports of individual users can be retrieved by administrators, giving them analytical as well as minute details of Internet usage and threat incidence, right down to the user level.
Report Type
Cyberoam offers a broad range of reports based on users, groups and departments:
Internet Usage with reports of site visits, content type, blocked sites accessed based on user, group and IP address.
Search Engine Reports – Content searched over Google and Yahoo search engines.
Bandwidth Consumed by groups, users and departments at any particular time of the day, week or month.
Virus Activity by source, destination, port.
Spam Received by individual users, source and content.
Intrusion by user, source and destination, including spyware attempts within the network.
Multiple Link utilization reports
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management