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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance
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Cyberoam receives 5 Star rating from SC Magazine


UTM Review 2007

"This product features protection on many levels. It can be deployed as a gateway using NAT, or in bridged mode to protect the network transparently. The protection this device can provide includes firewall, IDS/IPS, anti-virus (both at the gateway and Email), anti-spam, anti-spyware, web content filtering, and protection form phishing and pharming. It can also be set up as a VPN.
All these features come together in one simple to manage web console. This console is well organized and intuitive to navigate. On the front end of the console is a dash-board packed with many useful monitors and statistics. Although there are several monitors on the dashboard, it is nicely organized so that finding information is easy. Deployment of this product was also simple.
We found this product to be quite flexible and very powerful."
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management