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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance

Unified Threat Management


Move from tactical to unified threat management for integrated Internet security and productivity.

Cyberoam’s integrated Internet security solution is purpose-built to meet the unified threat management needs of corporates, government organizations and educational institutions.
Cyberoam offers a perfect blend of best-of-breed solutions to provide the most comprehensive, twin shield protection against increasingly malicious Internet threats. Complementing this is its unique user-based approach, offering the finest level of controls with an unprecedented degree of control, flexibility and ease of management that make a unified solution highly effective.

Cyberoam Features – Best-of-breed Solutions

Cyberoam offers best-of-breed solutions, forming a strong and comprehensive feature base necessary for effective threat management, leaving no window open for threat entry into the network.
Security Productivity
Content Filtering Bandwidth Management
Firewall – VPN Multiple Link Load Balancing and Gateway Failover
Spyware Blocker  
Phishing-Pharming Protection  

User-based Policies

  The increasingly user-based nature of Internet threats and the need to control individual user-behavior to ensure complete threat management makes blanket policies and IP-based policies obsolete. Such policies are not equipped to deal with the emerging mobile world, where IP addresses are assigned dynamically.
  Cyberoam’s user-based policies function on the basis of dynamic user-IP mapping, ensuring that Cyberoam security moves with the user. In doing so, they offer intelligent controls providing the level of protection and control that each user requires in a wired or a wireless world.
  By offering user-based controls, Cyberoam eases the job of assigning and managing policies, reducing the incidence of compromised security practices, providing premium grade, individual security, while being a gateway level mechanism.
Twin Shield System
  Cyberoam’s Twin Shield security system with its internal and external shields offers integrated Internet security to the enterprise.
  Content filtering forms the internal shield, reducing enterprise exposure to attacks. Firewall-VPN, Spyware Blocker, phishing-pharming prevention, anti-virus and anti-spam at the gateway make up Cyberoam’s external shield, guarding the enterprise from Internet threats, offering a highly effective double-layered protection.
Intelligent Reporting
  Cyberoam’s real-time reports offer an overview of Internet traffic and threat patterns, giving key intelligence needed to take immediate action.
  Their analytical nature offers a holistic view of actual usage and attack incidence, placing an intelligent tool in the hands of management, allowing them to set policies that guard the network based on real, enterprise-specific information.
  Great architectural flexibility makes Cyberoam a highly scalable and enhanceable solution that comprehensively tackles today’s and tomorrow’s threats. It accommodates easy plug-in of third party softwares as well as own enhancements without architectural changes, delivering cost-effective and rapid reaction times to threats and the latest applications.
Network Management and Diagnostic Tool
  Cyberoam’s inbuilt DNS server prevents phishing and pharming scams involving DNS poisoning while reducing time taken for DNS mapping. The Cyberoam DHCP server simplifies network administration by keeping track of IP addresses, easing the task of assigning IP addresses to new systems.
  Effective diagnostic tools for automatic network connectivity check through ping, traceroute and DNS check greatly facilitate network management.
  Cyberoam takes auto backup of database, logs and usage through FTP and mail in addition to delivering email notifications. Further, online upgrades of new versions and bug fixes are available, simplifying the task of network management.
Management and Integration Support
  Cyberoam functions as a proxy server too and performs NAT service. Integration with Windows domain controller and active directory services enables it to offer single sign-on. It integrates with the existing network in transparent and bridge modes, preventing attacks before they reach the intended targets without changes to routing tables and network design.
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management