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Spyware Blocker

Spyware Blocker


Two way protection through surfing controls and spyware blocking

Cyberoam Spyware Blocker provides gateway level spyware and adware protection, blocking access to known spyware carrying sites and entry of spywares at the gateway level. In addition, it reports irregular traffic within the network, providing comprehensive and ongoing protection against spyware.
Spyware takes such insidious routes to slip into the network that a single approach cannot contain its entry. Cyberoam’s built-in, multi-component Spyware Blocker requires no installation and operational effort from the administrator, making it an easy to operate protection.
Dangers of Spyware
Spyware is software that installs itself quietly on computers when the user visits a website, opens an HTML email or downloads free programs and toolbars.
Once installed, spyware collects a range of information, including user identity, surfing details, credit card and other financial data, confidential corporate information, and forwards them to the spyware generator continuously. It may even perform key logging, which leads to cracking user passwords. Spyware can slow down the systems and bring in popups and ads, reducing user productivity. Worse still, it can allow hackers to take control of the network.
With spyware posing a real danger to identity, privacy and information confidentiality, enterprises are now coming to view it as a Grade A danger that requires multi-pronged defense.
Cyberoam Gateway Protection
Prevents access to Spyware Sites
  Cyberoam Surfing Security provides the first line of defense against spyware, preventing access to spyware perpetuating sites. Cyberoam site database contains a specific spyware category that houses such sites, giving the focus and control that the threat deserves.

Blocks Spywares

  Cyberoam Spyware Blocker identifies and blocks spyware files, preventing spyware from infecting computers within the network. The files are constantly updated, providing up-to-date enterprise protection. It identifies and records URLs from where the spyware has originated for future blocking, bringing in intelligent spyware controls to the enterprise.

Blocks Applications

  Cyberoam Firewall prevents traffic that does not conform to a particular application protocol from entering the network. It blocks unapproved applications from sending information across the net, blocking spyware communication from infected computers to spyware originators.
Cyberoam Internal Protection

Spyware Traffic Discovery

  To combat spyware that exists within the network, Cyberoam Traffic Discovery studies current traffic patterns, identifies and reports suspicious transmissions, ensuring little time lag between origination and prevention.
Easy Administration
Spyware Blocker functions with no additional effort on the administrator’s part in configuring or installing new software. As an inherent part of Cyberoam, it uses Cyberoam’s content filtering, firewall and spyware recognition capabilities to prevent entry of spywares.
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