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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management
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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance


Corporate Segment
"Due to largely geographically dispersed offices in UAE, we were looking for reliable & stable VPN connectivity between our offices for secure data transfer. We had tried various solutions and decided to go for Cyberoam based on the evaluation results meeting the above criteria.  Since the installation of Cyberoam, we have not faced any down-time at all!"
  Surendran Pariyanghat
  IT Manager,
  ASGC (Al Shafar General Contracting Co.), Dubai, UAE
“Cyberoam’s user based Web & Content Filter’s policy creation and reporting is unique as it gives a total insight into user activity and helps understand user web surfing pattern. This facilitates access policy creation in accordance with user profile”
  Maisam Zaidi
  ALEC (Al Jaber L.E.G.T Engineering & Contracting (ALEC) L.L.C)
“Cyberoam solution is extremely practical and user-friendly and provides the ability to customize user-based policies to our individual needs. The implementation of Cyberoam has significantly increased productivity at the hotel by essentially eliminating the entry of spam and viruses in our network”
  George Francis
  Dusit Dubai
“To effectively do our job, all of our offices needed to be seamlessly connected over a VPN connection. The connection needed to support some intense bandwidth requirements including ERP and email traffic. With Cyberoam's site-to-site VPN functionality, we achieved high-performance, highly-reliable and highly-secure connections between all 3 of our sites, eliminating the need for costly leased lines. In addition, Cyberoam's granular user-based policies has allowed us to effectively manage our bandwidth usage control access to restricted sites, and monitor usage reports in real-time”
  Nilesh Bosmiya
  Accounts Manager,
  Reliance Freight Systems
"Earlier our Internet downtime was 50 %. Now, with Cyberoam’s load balancing and gateway failover, it is 100 % uptime." Case Study >
  Perthisth Mankotia
  Sheela Foam Pvt. Ltd. (Sleepwell Mattress)
“We are a major player in the online travel vertical, so we needed a gateway protection solution. Considering the financial and confidential nature of our online transactions, spyware blocking was critical for us and we cannot afford any down time. We needed a comprehensive Internet security solution that was easy to configure and easy to maintain.” Case Study >
  Puneet Sharma
  Assistant Manager-Technology,
"We wanted a virus and spam free, safe e-mailing environment, complete security for the network and control over surfing and bandwidth management. A hassle free and clean e-mailing system is our priority." Case Study >
  Harshvardhan Reddy
  Group Leader - IT,
  International Typesetting and Composition
Educational Segment
"Cyberoam's Identity based security gave us granular controls, resulting in complete visibility for student activities and their web surfing pattern. Cyberoam security made our institute CIPA compliant by ensuring the safety and security of our students." Case Study >
  Willie Pico
  District Network Administrator,
  Pascack Valley Regional School District
"Cyberoam has helped us in many ways like managing bandwidth at user level, blocking unwanted sites, chatting, games and many more. It is a perfect solution for educational institutions to manage their IT resources. It is a one stop Internet security solution that we have always been looking for." Case Study >
  Anuradha Iyer
  Head - IT Dept,
  Symbiois Institute of Management Studies

“Cyberoam provides excellent post-sales support. I give a call, and I get the required support.” Case Study >

  Dr. Sarat Kumar Patra
  Asst. Proffessor,
  Dept of Electronics and Communication, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

“Cyberoam gives me complete visibility into the user behavior even though there are multiple users per machine. This would never have been possible with IP address-based security.” Case Study >

  Akhilesh Sachan
  Senior Consultant,
  Jaypee Institute of Information Technology - Deemed University
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Cyberoam : Unified Internet Threat Management