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Cyberoam's IPSec VPN offers secure access to corporate resources for remote offices and mobile business users.

Cyberoam VPN gateway offers secure, encrypted tunnels, extending the corporate network anywhere in the world. With unmatched firewall-VPN performance and easily manageable access to corporate resources, it is ideally suited for the branch office and road warrior need for secure remote access to enterprises.
Offering high performance with low bandwidth requirements, Cyberoam VPN is a highly cost-effective solution to enterprises in the emerging mobile world.
Cyberoam VPN is interoperable and compatible with most of the VPN gateways following IPSec standards available in the market.
For road warrior connectivity, Cyberoam also provides IPSec VPN Client compatible with most of the IPSec VPN gateways.
Remote Access
  With advanced encryption algorithms and authentication methods, Cyberoam enables secure access to corporate resources for road warriors, telecommuters and branch offices, providing secure IPSec, L2TP, VPN for Site-to-Site and Host-to-Site connectivity.
  Cyberoam VPN prevents eavesdropping and data tampering, protecting information confidentiality. In addition to verifying host and end-point integrity, Cyberoam VPN protects data integrity, ensuring that no modifications were made to the data while in transit.
  Cyberoam VPN works in transport and tunneling mode, securing IP packets from the originating source to the destination as well as wrapping an existing IP packet inside another defined in the IPSec format. With this flexibility, enterprises can have secure connectivity through different Internet service providers and network types.
  Cyberoam supports Preshared Key and Digital Certificates based user authentication. In addition, Cyberoam supports external certificate authority that positively identifies the holder’s identity.
  Cyberoam NAT traversal allows IPSec connection through a NAT device.
Firewall Integration
  Fully integrated with Cyberoam Firewall, the VPN functions alongside NAT and provides secure end-to-end network connectivity.
Easy Management
  Designed to reduce the complexity of standalone solutions and enhance security, Cyberoam IPSec VPN is part of Cyberoam strategic threat management solution, offering easy configuration and installation, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.
  With centralized policy-based management and remote monitoring, Cyberoam VPN reduces operational costs while delivering secure connectivity. User and group-based policies can be created, access rights granted and managed easily with packet filter policies on a per-user basis.
  Administrators can even set desktop security policies for remote users, offering enhanced protection to remote sites.
  Cyberoam provides a convenient method to auto-create and export configuration file for distribution to remote users.
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