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Cyberoam : Internet Security Appliance



Unified Threat Management for enhanced security and productivity

Cyberoam is the only UTM that embeds user identity in firewall rule matching criteria, eliminating IP addresses as intermediate components to identify and control the user. This offers instant visibility and proactive controls over security breaches. Also, this delivers complete security in dynamic IP environments like DHCP and Wi-Fi where the user cannot be identified through IP addresses. In doing so, Cyberoam identifies the user, eliminating anonymity within network unlike IP-address based solutions. It offers a clear view of usage and threat patterns for user identity-based dynamic policy setting.
Cyberoam offers these unique unified threat management appliances to enterprises, ranging from small and medium to large enterprises, providing comprehensive and dependable protection from Internet threats to effectively meet their security and productivity needs.
As enterprise dependence on the Internet is growing, their vulnerability to Internet threats multiplies each day. Network level attacks are multiplying with the increasing porous nature of today’s networks. The attacks are increasingly targeting the individual users for financial gains. Firewalls and anti-viruses are not enough to secure enterprises anymore due to ever increasing number of internet threats and a rise in the intensity of attacks.
Enterprise security generally takes the approach of building and deploying more and more security solutions to counter the threats. Yet despite the use of most advanced security tools security breaches are ever increasing. It is because of the fact that the source of potentially dangerous internal threats is overlooked and so it remains anonymous. According to Yankee group, 50 % of security problems originate from internal threats, refuting the common belief that if the perimeter is protected the organization is secured but the companies.
Since the user is proving to be the weakest link in the security chain today, linking user identity to security is the solution to ensuring high levels of security and to fight against insider threats. Most commonly prevalent security solutions that have existed and have been an integral part of any network periphery are firewall which demarcates the intranet and the Internet boundary. However with the firewall rule, eventually the administrator would get the information based on a machine’s IP address and it is not enough as it sorely lacks in completeness. On top of the IP address, the need of the hour is user’s identification. IP addresses delay identification of the threat point. Effective security is the result of instant identification and immediate corrective action.
Further, the rise in blended threats and the increasingly user-targeted attacks are best defended through an identity-based integrated security solution like Cyberoam with its granular, user-based policies.
The Cyberoam Advantage
Linking user identity with security
  Cyberoam Identity-based UTM offers complete Internet security to enterprises with Firewall-VPN, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Content Filtering in addition to Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management over a single platform.
  Cyberoam is the only Identity-Based UTM Appliance that binds user identity to security, providing complete visibility and control over each user anywhere in the network. With its identity-based controls, Cyberoam eliminates the need for complex IP-pooling for policy creation, implementation and reporting. In doing so, it reduces loopholes and time lags that attackers exploit to gain entry into the network.
  Cyberoam is the only solution that enables enterprises to secure their DHCP and Wi-Fi environments with dynamic IP allocation since it relies on user identity rather than just IP addresses for access controls and identification. This not only eliminates chances of users getting access to others' privileges, it also allows users to carry their own access rights and policies anywhere in the network.
  Cyberoam’s granular user-based policies offer a high degree of flexibility, making policy-setting an efficient process. Policies can be set right down to the user level and can be extended to any combination of group, department or application, offering the kind of flexibility based on user’s business requirements.
  Thus, Cyberoam provides a matching transformation in security approach to meet current user-targeted and user-originated attacks without affecting business flexibility.
Twin Shield Security
  The Cyberoam Twin Shield mechanism offers double-layered defense that controls indiscriminate surfing and defends against external threats, thus providing robust protection to enterprises. It reduces threats to the minimum, leaving the enterprise free to focus on its business.
  The damage caused by an insider threat can take many forms, including the introduction of viruses, worms, or Trojan horses; the theft of information or corporate secrets; the theft of money; the corruption or deletion of data; the altering of data to cause inconvenience or falsify criminal evidence; and the theft of the identities of specific individuals in the enterprise. Cyberoam's Inner shield controls indiscriminate surfing, preventing virus, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing sites from becoming aware of your network.
  Cyberoam’s External shield provides dependable gateway-level protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, spam, spyware, phishing and pharming over multiple WAN links.
Time-based Policies
  Cyberoam is the only unified threat management solution that offers comprehensive time-based access policies. Enterprises can allow scheduled, time-based Internet access to balance bandwidth consumption across the day, evening the peaks and troughs in usage. Priorities can be established based on users, groups and applications with precise bandwidth allocation based on usage and time of the day.
Real-time Protection
  With a state-of-the-art solution set, Cyberoam offers real-time protection against emerging threats. It offers strong defense against the latest viruses, worms and Trojans in addition to blended protection against the multiple path-taking threats like spyware, phishing and pharming that attack networks. It even protects information confidentiality through control over file transfers and information leakage.
Intelligent On-Appliance Reporting
  Cyberoam's Traffic Discovery brings suspicious traffic patterns to the IT managers' notice as they happen and its on-appliance reporting offers a range of analytical reports that show trends in Internet usage. This enables IT managers to identify emerging applications, pattern changes in usage and fine tune enterprise policies accordingly, supporting the creation of advanced levels of security and productivity.
Cyberoam CR Appliance Series
Cyberoam appliances - CR50i, CR100i, CR250i, CR500i, CR1000i and CR1500i, suit the requirements of small to large enterprises from 50 to 1500 users. Cyberoam’s comprehensive security protects enterprises from Internet threats, including spyware, phishing, pharming, viruses, worms, Trojans and more.
Cyberoam Benefits
Cyberoam offers measurable and intangible benefits to enterprises:
Identity-based benefits
  User identity embedded for complete control over security breaches
  Dynamic policy setting in accordance with user movement
  Single page policy management for multiple security features
  Policy setting in accordance with user’s business requirements
Technical Benefits
  No deployment problems
  Single management interface for the entire solution set
  Real-time protection against all Internet threats
Financial Benefits
  Low capital expense
  Low operating expense
Business Benefits
  Safe business environment
  Control over legal liability
  Protection of information confidentiality
  Enhanced productivity
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